Logic - Theme for the People Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

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"Logic - Theme for the People"
This a new generation
Switch up the style, I'm re-generatin'
I be talking to God when I'm hearin' Satan
I'm a black mamba pass like I'm Michael Payton
Why you think I made Everybody
It's a statement, a way of life
Black is beautiful, but today in this day and age
A crooked cop will take away a life
Come now, that shit ain't no way of life
Now some people make music, but I'll make a statement
And use it when people feel like they gon' lose it, yeah
Why the fuck you think when it comes to an album
I'm droppin' like two a year
Hol' up, lemme break down what I'm doin' here
I get introspective on a record, with a message deep in the lyrics
But after a while that shit get depressin', they don't wanna hear it
They just wanna turn up, so that's when I come back
On that Bobby Tarantino, countin' money, sippin' vino shit
It's how we stay relevant to the young
Mean I'd rather be rappin' on breaks
But whatever it takes to take it to the young
I ain't mad at the fact when I rap over 808s with the hat it made me millions
Peep the brilliance like, uh

I grew up on Biggie and GZA
But Roddy was bumpin' that Future and Thug
Give a fuck how you came up
I run up like ten out of ten just to show you some love
Man as long as you're rappin' and killin' shit
Fuck a car, black man own the dealership
Fuck a record label, fuck a deal and shit
Keep killin' shit, keep
At the crib watchin' Bebop
Writin' rhymes in my book
And I'm bumpin' that heat rock
Shit smooth when it Pete Rock
I can't fuck with' my phone, need a detox
So I
Pick up the glock like I'm John Wick
Yes, I'm in it for life like a convict
When I switch up the style, wonder who this
No ceilings, like Wayne and no, nah bitch I'm ruthless

Logic - Theme for the People Şarkı Sözleri, Logic - Theme for the People Lyrics