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LVBEL C5 - '10 numara, Şarkı Sözleri

Bu senenin sevilen ve yeni şarkılarından LVBEL C5 - '10 numara, şarkı sözleri ile şarkı sözü sitemizde karşınızdayız. LVBEL C5 - '10 numara, şarkısının şarkı sözlerini ve daha birçok yeni çıkan şarkının şarkı sözleri sitemizde. Bizi takip etmeyi unutmayınız. LVBEL C5 - '10 numara, Şarkı Sözü [Giriş] AKDO! Hayatım böyle on numara Forma giymem ama on numara Kur'an çarpsın on numara Bak, keyfim meyfim on numara [Nakarat] Hayatım böyle on numara Forma giymem ama on numara Kur'an çarpsın on numara Bak, keyfim meyfim on numara [Verse 1] Valla flow'lar kaymak (Woo) Sarışın kız, kategorisi WhatsApp Şarkıyı yap ve de patla Seninkine saksoyu bastım çoktan, wow Bakmadım fiyata hiç, aldım reyondan Ünlü oldum ya, hep ondan (Hee, grr) Bana sakın boş yapmayın oğlum Uyandım yine bugün solumdan (Grr, grr) Emin misin bebek, emin misin? Tamam, eminsen bebek benimlesin Fakir kaldın çünkü denemedin Lvbel C5 baba cimri, deli misin? (Wow) [Köprü] Flow'lar kaymak, şahane (Woo) Üzül

Dave - Survivor's Guilt Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Survivor's Guilt Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) Fall too far to be wise and I know that I try but I Fall too far to be wise and I know that I try but I Fall too far to be wise and I know that I try but I Fall too far to be wise and I know that I try but I Look Let me show you behind the scene Behind the glitz and the glamour and all the lights you see Behind the rumours on the life I lead Let me talk to the people like it's the mic in me The truth is I got really bad anxiety I'm on the motorway, cryin' in the driver's seat I don't even know where I'm goin' I got love, but I don't know how to show it, is this life? When you feel like givin' up, know you're close I been sayin' the least and knowin' the most I've had ups and downs, but the highest of the highs Never last for as long as the lowest of the lowest of lows Survivor's guilt I feel the worst at my happiest 'Cause I miss all my niggas that couldn't be in this life

Dave - Heart Attack Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Heart Attack Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) Knife crimes is near a record high With more than forty blade offenses every day in London At a youth club in South London not far from where someone was stabbed less that twenty-four hours ago The outline to direct link between violent crimes, social exclusion and austerity A study by City Hall found that London has seen an increase in 71% in victims of serious youth violence since 2012 The Mayor says this is linked to an increase in poverty And the highest rates of violence take place in some of the poorest boroughs Look, I bet them boys think I'm panickin' Check what my young Gs are carrying His blade same length as a javelin I don't know about B-ball or what's happenin' But know that it's fucked if he travellin' and we see him I can't lie, I was depressed at phases I was nineteen when the team nearly left him faceless Hopin' that we never left no traces You know when you're so damn tired in your hous

Dave - Twenty To One Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Twenty To One Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) Look Twenty-to-one, look at the time, it's twenty-to-one I'm on the ride with the guys, and we're lookin' for him If we catch him it's twenty to one Feds behind me, drivin' a beamer Odds on my freedom are twenty-to-one I make a call and gettin' in touch Twenty-to-one, twenty-to-one, yeah-yeah Maze in the street My nigga nearly got done for an AM He went on the run, he was stayin' with me I told my girl that we can't be together She's cryin', that's somethin' I hated to see Really I struggled to stay on my feet I'm lookin' for her and the lady I meet I go two letters that you're gonna see If you're someone that want it, the way in the beef A and the E, playin' with me We send him up to his maker to meet Where I stay on the street, there's no love, there's no love Twenty-to-one, look at the time, it's twenty-to-one I'm on the ride with the guys, and we'r

Dave - Both Sides Of A Smile Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Both Sides Of A Smile Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) And then, the finer details—who's your Juliet? What's the dynamic in the situation between the two leads? You know, I guess we're all just, we're all just looking for a happy ending somewhere Babe, it's okay (It's okay) I don't care if no one knows my name Pain, it's all the same (All the same) Even if you think it's all in vain 'Cause now you turn into a rose, into a rose, into a rose, oh-oh, oh-oh Into a rose, into a rose, into a rose Oh, could we let it slide? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm Looking back it ain't last The future's just a lie We'll be there in a night Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm We're both sides of a smile Yeah You keep the bread all to yourself and you get mold from it You give a good girl a rose and you get gold from it Have a child with a rat and you'll get a mouse from it You give a woman a brick and you'll get a house from it The first time split

Dave - Law Of Attraction Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Law Of Attraction Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) (feat. Snoh Aalegra) (Yeah) (Yeah) Mmm JAE5 You keep talkin', I've been silent Now, what's the point to watch when you can't read between? The lines you crossed, I'm sick of fightin', yeah You keep trying, that don't mean a thing And now I don't mind sayin' how I feel or how I think about you And I don't mind sayin' how I feel, I'm good without you But you could have been all that I want, that I need (Could have been) All (Yeah-yeah) that I want (Yeah-yeah), that I need (Could have been) We could have been, we could have been We could have been (Girl) I don't want no distractions I'ma speak with my actions, check this I put your name on a necklace That's a chain reaction Don't judge me for adaptin' She studyin' law of attraction Doin' her own taxes Too complex for a caption It's better I hurt you than somebody else, fuck with me I put you in a truck with me, y

Dave - Lazarus Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Lazarus Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) (feat. Boj) [Dave:] JAE5 Look Anyone weapon formed against me can't prosper Imposter, I'ma fill 'em with lead My best friend like Tommy Lee Sparta I'm in the Gaza just tryna get bread The Chinese wanna take away Naija Most of my people, they struggle in stress Political corruption I rise up until there ain't a government left Cost to be the boss Even though I'm financed, the man couldn't afford it Fifteen, mummy found my shank And I nearly got shipped, I was gonna do boardin' I had a one lightie from Pecks And a ten-ten Europa babe from Shoreditch If you got a body like Uche, text me and I'ma pay your father's mortgage Listen, I'ma pay your uncle's rent And if rap don't pay then we would have been getting it off of crack cocaine I don't know how man could chat so brave Little nigga, you ain't bad, no way I think me, women, and Italian shoes Work well together like Maggi and cube Pretty in

Dave - System Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - System Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) (feat. WizKid) [WizKid:] Whine baby, show me that your whine am well Yeah, show me that whine am well, yeah, yeah, yeah I never knew about you so well But money make her kiss and tell, yeah Only pray for love, God and peace and love My enemies only pray for war [Dave:] Uh, If you wanna get rich, there's a million ways Sweet chick, familiar face Wine, I got a brilliant taste Whine, she got a brilliant waist Money and fame My people know struggle and pain My people nah gon' suffer in vain Don't call me by my government name My girl, she badder than Rambo, a rider Wan-Bissaka, the Lambo a spider Michael Phelps, the AP a diver Martial, my right hand, a striker Tried to call, she blocked me, I Skype her Damn it, I think that she got me a Lyca Yardie lover, yard pussy me ah die for Rack city, man, I'm comin' like, look [WizKid:] Whine baby, show me that your whine am well Yeah, show me that whine am well, yeah, yeah, yeah I never knew

Dave - Three Rivers Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Three Rivers Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) Look Imagine an island where the party never ends Where it's less about money and it's more about friends Where the vibes can't done It's less about fundin' and and more about fun Tropical sun, this life in the '60s comin' from the Caribbean You know Ian, Delroy, Vivian, Winston Who got drafted to England Windrush babies from Kingston to Brixton To say they're the life of the party, you're wrong My Jamaicans the entire party, you can't see? Big Notting Hill carni, you can't see? And the ride's fiber glass, G, you wan' see? Imagine a place where you raise your kids The only place you live says you ain't a Brit They're deportin' our people and it makes me sick 'Cause they was broken by the country that they came to fix It's like They came on the invitation of the British Government The passports were stacked indefinitely to remain But for some who were children then, that wa

Dave - In The Fire Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - In The Fire Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) (feat. Giggs, Ghetts, Meekz Manny & Fredo) I know I got religion I belong to the laws and crew You see we fought and we get happy That's the way we push them through Oh (Have you been tried-) [Fredo:] Have you been tried in that fire? I heard bullets sing higher than Mariah in choir Spent a lot of time trappin', now I'm tryna retire But the shit runs in my blood, and I'm the guy they require And these guns bring nothin' but prison and death, still All my niggas just admire the fire Bro squeeze and he miss, but we admire a trier Finesse king, you can never lie to a liar But Fred got the fire, I fire for days I gotta write them in my notes, they be ignitin' the page Grindin' on cold nights, puttin' light to the flame Now there's no flame that can melt the ice in my chain, yeah I really put the ice in rice for the 'caine Me and Santan, you won't see nothin' like this again That's my young boy

Dave - Clash Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Clash Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) (feat. Stormzy) [Dave:] Jordan 4's or Jordan 1's, Rolexes, got more than one My AP cost thirty-one, millimeter's forty-one Stick him up with a stick-stick, he drew the shorter one You can't short me one, in the club with the shortest one Lighty, the shortest one, on my mind, Jorja one Crocodile bag, I bought her one, vegan ting, I slaughter one Freaks, I got more than one, fuck, daddy and daughter one (One) Tory puttin' in labour, this that Jeremy Corbyn one Awkward one, raced me there, wait, here, tortoise one I need a ting, thirty plus, Blackberry and Walkman 1s Look I left my phone and my babies, silent mode My guys on ridin' mode, zombies, survival mode Who's got a new vest? Man, pop that shield, no microphone I'll ride for bro, he's next to I like typin' O The score: 5 and 0, 6-to-1 For the kicks I love, twelve-fifty-four like 6-to-1 Babe, can't look at my mentions, that's Area 51 I'm so close

Dave - We're All Alone Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - We're All Alone Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) I remember when I used to be innocent, ain't shit changed I'm a young black belligerent Child of an immigrant, lifestyle frivolous 'Round here we keep bad company 'cause them people pay dividends What's the point of bein' rich when your family ain't? It's like flyin' first class on a crashin' plane Dinners with the same niggas, just higher bills And all the models Himalayan, they got higher heels You know we're all alone in this together, right? (Quiet on set, places everybody) You know the seats in the Aston red leather, like (And action) Yeah I had dreams of doin' architecture Or sittin' through a Harvard lecture How the fuck I end up bein' Harvey Specter? Young black art collector, I could take the pressure Had the scales, now suits that come made to measure I drew the thin line between love and hate Double date, what you drinkin'? Let me cut the games Backstab a man, I'

Zaalima Coca Cola Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Zaalima Coca Cola Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics) Arre Chali Chali Haaye Kidhar Chali Arre O Manchali O Anaarkali Aise Lachak Lachak Ke Matak Matak Ke Bhatak Rahi Tu Gali Tere Thumke Pe Jhumke Jhoom Jhoom Ke Dil Mein Uthaye Khalbali Zaalima Coca Cola Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Verdansk Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Dave - Verdansk Şarkı Sözleri Just had to kick a chick out of the studio, shit's nuts, fam (Hahahaha) I like Kyle's words, fam, the truth is madder than fiction, fam It's nuts out here (Oi, ayy, write that shit down) Look I see a ting that I touched, tell me about talkin' stage, gotta tell her "Don't force it" Beef man, pepper and salt it, me and RJ gotta pull up, no talkin' Trap, you ain't got a rack to your name, my bro Brick Lane, we don't know 'bout Shoreditch Rental, I never insured it, M25, gotta whip that calmly Man try beef with my dargy, Warzone ting how I come third party My little nigga can't lose that cash, I drop YGs, do it like Kehlani I don't rock Gucci or Armani, ST from ST, I can't Squash that beef like fruit and barley, still got a one black star like Kwame Three car convoy in Sutton, my mum got matching whips with Yungen Should've made Shanei hold on suttin' but it never would've worked 'cause

Kane Brown - Worldwide Beautiful Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri

Kane Brown - Worldwide Beautiful Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri White churches, black churches Different people, same hearses It's kinda hard to fight with each other Laying down in the ground, six under At every show I see my people They ain't the same but they're all equal One love, one God, one family You're missing every color If you're only seeing black and white Tell me how you're gonna change your mind If your heart's unmovable We ain't that different from each other From one to another, I look around And see worldwide beautiful Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God Coast to coast, city to city Reach out your hands if you're with me Still got some work but we still got a dream Every shade, every heart come together and sing Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God Kane Brown - Wo